Kamra Inlay is a surgical method developed for Presbyopia patients who want to have a clear vision comfort in near, far and middle distance. The outermost layer of the eye, also called as cornea, is achieved by placing a micro-implant compatible with the eye’s structure without removing the patient’s natural lens.

Because of the anesthesation drops, the patient does not suffer any kind of pain. During the operation, the Intralase iFS femtosecond laser is used to create a corneal incision (flap). First of all, if the patient complains about shortsightedness, it will be resolved. Then, by placing the Kamra Inlay, the farsightedness treatment is completed.

Kamra Inlay is a safe surgical procedure applied to more than 20 patients in 50 countries. The application is carried out with a 2-3 minute treatment period and doesn’t require hospitalization. The patient may feel complaints such as blurred vision, stinging, mild pain or irritation in the eyes for 5-6 hours after the operation. Because of that it is suggested that the patient should spend the rest by resting or sleeping. The patients can continue their daily life one day after the operation.

Who can go for a Kamra Inlay therapy?

The appropriateness of the patient’s corneal structure is of primary importance for the success of the treatment.

The following features are sought for patients who are going to do a Kamra Inlay therapy:

  • No chronic disease such as diabetes or rheumatism
  • No eye related cataract, glaucoma or keratoconus
  • Doesn’t have had an eye infection or eye herpes
  • No complaints about dry eyes
  • No changing eye numbers

What are the advantages?

  • The patient does not feel any pain during the operation.
  • The total treatment lasts 10 minutes.
  • It is a treatment method that is performed seamless and single seant.
  • There is no need to close the eye with a bandage or stay in the hospital after the treatment.
  • After 15 minutes of resting, the patient can go home and return to his daily life the next day.
  • With Kamra Inlay, shortsightedness and farsightedness can be treated.