Latest development at  eyeframe aesthetic tretment: PlexR

The Plexr device is used like a laser or radio disturber. Plasma, the fourth form of the material, is used. The textiles are “sublimated”; so that the heat does not propagate to the surrounding tissues and only the surface epidermis act.

Usage in the eyeframe area:

1. Blepharoplasty without surgery;

Loosened, dangling skin around the eyes is stretched with the application of Plexr; the layers of skin are lost, the skin is stretched and the wrinkles disappear. During the application, anesthetic creams are applied for 20 minutes and after that the Plexr application is performed. Sunscreen fondeteners/creams are applied to prevent stain formation. Repeat is possible.

  1. Eye-surrounding tumors and stains are eliminated effortlessly by Plexr.
  2. It is also used in eyelid margin tumors and skin hemogony.

    It is used to remove scars and blotches on the eyelid and surrounding area.